Chiropractic for Children

“Many developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, sitting upright, crawling, and walking are all activities that are affected by spinal alignment and are important times to have a child checked by a chiropractor.”

 – Belinda Sittle, DC

Many individuals do not realize that children benefit from chiropractic care or wonder at what age can a child see a chiropractor.  However, our office treats children from the beginning of their life at just a few hours old through their childhood.

The nervous system controls everything in the body.  Development and healing can be affected by a child’s nervous system function.  The spine is the most common place in the body that can interfere with the nervous system.  Pediatric Chiropractic care is a gentle, non-invasive approach to removing interference within the nervous system allowing it to function optimally.

Why Would a Child Need A Chiropractor?

The analogy that is discussed with the parents in our practice is a subluxation (misalignment) in the spine affects the flow of the nervous system through the nerves.  This is similar to kinking a hose and thinking about the amount of water that is able to get through it.  When an adjustment gets rid of the subluxation (unkinking the hose) the nervous system is freely and fulling functioning.

Evidence has found that children benefit from chiropractic care.  Many parents bring their children in with health challenges which include ear infections, colic, asthma, acid reflux, ADHD, developmental delay, migraines, and torticollis.  It is also beneficial to bring children in to have their spine evaluated even if they are not experiencing any current health challenges.

Dr. Casey has taken extensive secondary coursework in becoming efficient in pediatric chiropractic. She was awarded a Certificate in Pediatrics from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP) in December 2020.  She is working toward her Diplomate.  She also has taken coursework in craniosacral therapy and cranial work by certified craniopaths for providing cranial work when needed.

“When breastfeeding challenges occur, often the problem is not with the mother’s technique, but rather with the baby himself — barriers within the alignment and tone of his body that prevent normal breastfeeding.”

– Lynn Gerner, DC

So What Benefits Come from Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Many benefits are noted by parents.  Our parents have noted a multitude of benefits including…

Stronger immune system

Better sleep

Improved emotional stability

Less injuries

Normal development

Overall well-being

There are also conditions that parents see improvement in with chiropractic care.  The secondary conditions that benefit from care include…

Breastfeeding challenges





Sensory processing

Sleep difficulties

Recurring sickness

Digestive problems

Delayed development



Kids raised in the chiropractic wellness lifestyle grow up understanding that we all have within us a magnificent force called “innate intelligence” that runs, regulates, heals and grows our bodies.

Kevin Donka


Dr. Casey is the best!  She is very knowledgeable, constantly learning new things and furthering her chiropractic learning.  She is very flexible and understanding.  I take my kids there and they love going!  We have been with Dr. Casey since she opened her practice and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Emily B.

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