Chiropractic is a holistic form of healthcare that deals specifically with the spine and the nervous system.

A chiropractic adjustment is a specific adjustment that is done with the doctor’s hands or an instrument. A specific thrust is made to a specific segment in the spine to reduce the malposition of the vertebra, and in doing so reducing nerve interference. Basically what that is saying is the doctor’s hands contact the spot they want to move by placing a low force into the area to align the segment.

Adjustments can be done on any joint in the body. How amazing is that?! Chiropractors are widely known for ‘just treating back pain’ but we really should get more street cred than that. Our education teaches us to adjust the entire body which makes chiropractic great for everyone.

There is also a widely heard myth that I have heard people say that have never been to a chiropractor and that is ‘if I start getting adjusted I’m going to have to get adjusted for the rest of my life’. While this is not an entirely true statement it isn’t false either. Individuals who receive chiropractic care understand the value and benefits that they feel after being adjusted. They are also able to tell when the stiffness or aches and pains they used to have are starting to coming back and will go in for an adjustment.

These wellness adjustments vary with each person but can be anywhere from 3 weeks to a few months. After receiving their initial care to correct the problem they came in for, they are moved to a wellness paradigm of care as they come in on an as needed basis. Like I said it’s not completely false but also not completely true either. The first goal will be to address acute pain, then focus on overall wellness. We’ll be here if you should need us again.

In good health,